Colt 45 Cannabis Strain UK

Colt 45 Cannabis Strain UK

THC: 23% – 26%


Colt 45 Cannabis Strain UK

Buy Colt 45 Cannabis Strain UK Online. This slight indica leaning dominant strain lineage traces back to a Gelato 45 x Slurricane pheno making the Slur N Wesson side of this strain. Users experience a sweet inhalation with an earthy exhale upon consuming these THC coated buds.

A perfect strain for mid day through the evening, the Colt 45 strain offers all the creative and energetic effects of a standard sativa, however tread carefully, consume a higher amount of these indica leaning buds and couch lock will begin to take effect consuming your dome with a head focused high, and putting you in the perfect zone to NETFLIX and chill.


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