Cotton Candy Kush Weed UK

Cotton Candy Kush Weed UK

THC: 12% – 22%


Cotton Candy Kush Weed UK

Buy Cotton Candy Kush Weed UK Online. Cotton Candy Kush is a popular marijuana strain and has varieties of Indica. It has a soft and fluffy appearance with an intense aroma that resembles jasmine, lavender and berries, and has a very sweet taste. It has a THC level of 12.02 percent. It is a hybrid between the Power Plant and lavender, and is derived from Blueberry and Afghani seeds.

After about eight weeks, it develops a pinkish hue. Its flowers are odiferous and have a generous production of resins. The plant is green in colour but its undersides are of a lighter tone. Cotton Candy Kush has great euphoric effects that are similar to those experienced when you were little and used to visit a big candy store.

This strain relaxes, soothes and manages all the pain and stress being felt. It is excellent for controlling anxiety and nausea patients also resort to it as an effective solution for their queasiness.


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