Hawaiian Dream Marijuana UK

Hawaiian Dream Marijuana UK

THC: 3% – 12%, CBD: 12%


Hawaiian Dream Marijuana UK

Buy Hawaiian Dream Marijuana UK Online. Hawaiian Dream is a 100% sativa hybrid strain created as a delicious cross between the hugely popular Blue Dream X Maui Wowie strains. This dank bud was bred to have an insanely high CBD level that outweighs its THC level – on average Hawaiian Dream has a CBD level between 6-12% and a THC level between 4-8%.

Although its THC level is relatively low, Hawaiian Dream has a strong onset of insanely uplifting happy cerebral effects that leave you completely euphoric with an overpowering case of the giggles. You’ll experience waves of intensely creative energy and a soaring imagination that can leave you spacey, yet focused at times if need be. Because of these effects and its high CBD level, Hawaiian Dream is perfect for treating chronic pain, inflammation, eye pressure, and arthritis.


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